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Pension Bills

There is a pair of new bills this session that concern our PERA Correctional Plan and Police and Fire. SF2620 and HF3053 For PERA Correctional Retirees the annual COLA will be a floor of 1% with a maximum of 2.5% based on inflation. For Police an Fire the annual COLA […]

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Goodbye to one of our own

At 8 PM last night Minneapolis 911 dispatcher Jenna Lynn Bixby was taken from us by a drunk driver. Our hearts go out to her family and her MNPEA coworkers at Minneapolis 911.

MNPEA stands with Fallen Officers

MNPEA stands with our fallen brothers. “Westerville officers Eric Joering, 39, and Anthony Morelli, 54, were killed shortly after noon Saturday in this normally quiet suburb while responding to a 911 hang-up call.” Full Story CBS News

Inmate Guilty of Stabbing CO

MNPEA stands with all CO’s who walk the toughest beat! httpss://

PERA Correctional Plan meeting

On December 19th, MNPEA Vice President Tom Perkins and Hennepin County Detention Deputy/MNPEA Retiree Wade Laszlo met with PERA Executive Director Doug Anderson. MNPEA’s members are very appreciative of Doug Anderson’s time over this. The topic was proposed changes to the PERA Correctional Pension. Last session there was a proposal […]

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Because Things Happen

Just a friendly reminder. Because sometimes things happen, MNPEA members enjoy on and off duty legal protection for them and their spouses. All included in the low $39.00 monthly dues.



Dues to Remain Unchanged!

The MNPEA Board has announced dues are to remain unchanged for 2018 and 2019. They should remain the same in the near and foreseeable future. The monthly dues of $39 a month give members on and off duty legal overage. This includes both civil and criminal protection and the MNPEA […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

MNPEA wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. A special thanks to those of you working this Holiday to keep us safe.

PERA Correctional Plan News

There is a move at the State Legislature to reduce the annual COLA of the PERA Correctional Plan. MNPEA does not support the reduction of County Corrections Officer retirement benefits in bills (HF565 and SF 545). Currently Correctional Plan Retirees receive a 2.5% COLA. This is triggered by law for […]

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