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The Minnesota Public Employees Association “MNPEA” was formed by Minnesota Public Employee Union Members in response to a call from Union Members around the state for reform in the way they were being represented by large “National and International Unions”. Members are tired of paying high monthly Union Dues while they continue to fall behind economically. Meanwhile they watch their Union Representatives continue to take pay raises along with extravagant benefits and perks. They watch as their Reps travel around the country attending expensive conventions and conferences that do nothing to enhance the lives of the Members. Many are also tired of not having input on Political Agendas, Endorsements or in any Union Affairs. We have heard these and other issues and have responded with a New Concept for Minnesota Public Employee Representation for the 21st Century.  At MNPEA we deliver Enhanced and Cost Effective Representation for Public Employees across the state.

  • Dues: $48 per month including the MNPEA Legal Plan for ALL non Law Enforcement Members and the FOP National Legal Plan for Sworn Officers.

  • Dues rate is locked in through 2027 and can only be increased after 2027 in accordance with the MNPEA By-Laws and a vote of the membership.

  • ALL Dues Monies stay in the association for the benefit of the members. Nothing goes to a regional or National organization.

  • Business Agents and Attorneys with over 80 years of combined experience representing Public Employees in Minnesota.

  • No Political Endorsements without a vote of the affected Members.

  • Attorney Representation at Internal Affairs and Employer Investigations.

  • Members receive Special Discounts on many personal legal matters.