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Minnesota Public Employees Association ONLY represents Public Employees as defined under the MN Public Employees Labor Relations Act.  If you are interested in finding out more about the association or how your bargaining unit can join MNPEA, please fill out a contact form.  Any Public Employees unit may join but there are timelines and Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) rules that must be adhered to.  We can help.  We have been doing this for years and can guide you through the process.  We will provide you with information to share with your coworkers and, if you desire, set up a meeting time for your unit to meet with one of our agents and our Attorney.  There is no obligation for requesting information and the requestor’s information will never be disclosed to any other parties.  For more information about the process and timelines, you may also visit the MN Bureau of Mediation Services website.

Contact us now.  Don’t let the relatively small window of time in which you may change representation pass by without being fully informed of your options.

If your bargaining unit has already joined MNPEA and you need to fill out an authorization form for your dues to be deducted as a full member, please contact your Steward or Business Agent.