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RIP Hero Jamal Mitchell

This is a follow up to yesterdays sad news of an officer killed in Minneapolis. He has been identified as 28 year old Jamal Mitchell. In the recent past he received an award for entering a burning building and rescuing an elderly couple. Law enforcement has truly lost a hero […]

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Minneapolis Police shot-breaking news

This is breaking news. KSTP is reporting: 1 officer dead, another hospitalized, multiple civilians hurt after shooting in Minneapolis We are monitoring this sad situation our thoughts and prayers go out to the dead and wounded officers as well as all the injured. Full Story and video

Police Memorial Day- May 15

May 15th is Police Memorial Day. Police officers from across Minnesota are standing in silent vigil for 24 hours at the Minnesota Capitol on Wednesday as part of the state’s ceremonies for Peace Officer Memorial Day. In all, 306 officers have died in the line of duty in Minnesota. This […]

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National Police Week

May 12-18 is National Police Week. MNPEA takes the time to thank all of our Police and Sheriff’s Deputies who everyday put on the uniform, don the badge, strap on the gun and go out to protect us. These days it’s often a dangerous and thankless job. But as the […]

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Final Post National Correctional Officer Week

This is our last post for National Correctional Officer Week. MNPEA thanks and congratulates all of our Correctional Officers for their service, especially those that gave their lives in the line of duty. We also thank and have not forgot those that have gone out on a duty disability. While […]

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How dangerous is Correctional Officer work?

For day 3 of National Correctional Officer week we’d like to remind everyone of just how dangerous Correctional Officer work is. This story is from just a few months ago. It documents a brutal attack on a Hennepin County Detention Deputy and discusses several other assaults on CO’s. MINNEAPOLIS — Authorities […]

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CO’s, will you make it to 60?

This is day 2 of National Correctional Officers Week. There is much talk about the 55 retirement age for CO’s. This article shares the reasons for the shorter life expectancy of CO’s and the need for an early retirement. Will You Make to 60? Many CO’s Don’t

Happy National Correctional Officer Week

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared the first full week in May as National Corrections Officer week. Here’s the proclamation: By the President of the United States of AmericaA Proclamation Correctional officers have the difficult and often dangerous assignment of ensuring the custody, safety and well-being of the over 600,000 […]

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