By-Laws to be Ammended

Due to the apparent opinion of the Commissioner of the Bureau of Mediation Services that our bylaws should reflect 4 year term of elections rather than 5, our bylaws must be amended to be in conformity with the Commissioner’s apparent opinion.  MNPEA strongly believes that the Public Employee Labor Relations Act in Minn Stat Ch 179A governs public employee unions, and not Minn Stat Ch 179.  But to end repeated frivolous challenges by our competitor unions, we are posting the following Bylaw proposed change to be enacted as soon as possible consistent with our bylaws, which will be at the next regular meeting Oct. 10, 2013 at 3pm. Because this is to comply with the Commissioner’s interpretation of state law, our bylaws will need to be changed. It certainly is not MNPEA’s intention to provide less electoral accountability to our members in elections, so MNPEA is happy to make this change.  Therefore- the current bylaws will be amended to read (deletions in strike through additions underlined):

 Article 5 Section 1

There shall be three officers of the Association. The officers of this Association shall be; a President, a vice president, and a Director.  The initial President of the Association shall be: David Patrick Deal.  The initial President shall appoint the remaining positions of Vice President and Director for a full five four year term.

After initial officers have been appointed, and their initial five four year terms are completed, thereafter the above officers shall be elected to five four year terms of office which term commences immediately upon election or appointment and continues until successors enter upon their duties.

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