Oak Park Heights MCF CO blinded in one eye after assault!

March 12, 2023 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

AN Oak Park Heights MCF Corrections Officer was severely injured after being assaulted by an inmate that refused to return to his cell.

KMSP 9 is reporting, “The injured officer was transported to Regions Hospital for treatment lid of the sea. She suffered significant damage to her right eye and multiple facial fractures. The officer had multiple surgeries to help fix her eye, but the damage was irreversible, and she lost vision in her eye centos 6.5.

The officer also needs at least four additional surgeries to repair the facial fractures, according to the complaint.”

We are sick of the attacks on CO’s in both State and County lock ups 일곱개의 대죄 계명의 부활 다운로드. We hope the inmate does receive the maximum 25 year sentence. Sadly attacks on CO’s and Law Enforcement in general have become common. It’s all too common to defund and attack the pensions and disability benefits of our hard working CO’s, Sheriff Deputies and Police 아이폰 150mb 다운로드.

The Government should be backing these important professions, not weakening them. Government antipathy leads to lower numbers of people going into these lines of work and increasing the dangers on the job due to low staffing.

We wish the injured CO a speedy recovery and a good outcome for her injuries.