Murdered CO Gomm’s family forced to sue

July 18, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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3 years ago Corrections Officer Joseph Gomm was murdered in the line of duty at Stillwater Prison. Beat to death with a hammer. Minnesota lawmakers failed to approve a $3 million settlement with the Gomm family 리눅스 ntp 다운로드. They are now suing MINNCOR industries for $50,000.

According to the StarTribune:

The suit alleges that MINNCOR prioritized workshop production goals and had a “long-standing culture of disregard for the rights” of corrections officers — so much so that Gomm and other prison guards feared for their safety 신세계몰 다운로드.

Corrections officers, it says, “were low priority compared to the high priority of making product and making profit along with other activities designed to earn a profit.”