MNPEA supports these Pension and SS Bills

January 15, 2023 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

The new Minnesota Legislature is in session. There are Bills that have been introduced to exempt Public Employee Pensions and Social Security from State Income Tax 모노그램 자각몽 다운로드.

Hard working LEO’s and CO’s shouldn’t be double taxed when they retire after years of public service.

These are the Bills Splintercell download. We encourage you to call your State Senators and House members asking them to support them!

HF131-O’DriscollSF139-HoweIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits 체크인 다운로드.
HF136-RobbinsSF95-RasmussonIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits.
HF153-DavidsSF29-NelsonIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits.
HF171-DavidsSF16-GustafsonIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits and public pension benefits.
HF199-EngenIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits.
HF300-LislegardSF15-PutnamIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for public pension benefits.
SF12-MillerIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for Social Security benefits.
SF17-SeebergerIncome taxEstablishing an income tax subtraction for public pension benefits.


Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 9, 2023 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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November 9th is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. MNPEA wants to extend our thanks and appreciation for all of our Law Enforcement members 니어 레플리칸트 다운로드. You work a dangerous and often thankless job. We take this day to extend our thanks and appreciation for you.

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California Sheriff’s Deputy Killed During Traffic Stop

December 30, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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The NY Post is reporting:

A California sheriff’s deputy was killed in the line of duty by a career criminal who was then shot dead by police following a wild car chase Thursday, officials said Free Hancom 2010.

Isaiah Cordero, a deputy with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, was gunned down by William Shae McKay during a traffic stop in the city of Jurupa Valley around 2 p.m., according to Sheriff Chad Bianco Download the d interview.

Full Story


Happy New Year

December 30, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA


MNPEA wishes you a Happy New Year.

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Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA


MNPEA wishes all of you and your families a Merry Christmas!

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Minnesota Budget Surplus and taxes on your Pension and SS

December 12, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Minnesota has a $17.6 billion surplus. Up from last year’s surplus of about $7 billion!
MNPEA believes all Public Employees are overtaxed 주님의 임재 앞에서 다운로드! There should be no State income Tax on your Pension and no State income tax on your Social Security.

Our neighbor to the West, South Dakota does not tax pension income or Social Security 버즈런처 다운로드. Our neighbor to the East, Wisconsin does not tax Social Security income nor does our Southern neighbor Iowa. Minnesota is alone among our neighbors who do not tax Social Security Wingset Batting Practice. No wonder so many retirees move across the border.

Taxes in general should be lower, but especially for Union workers who have worked and paid taxes all of their lives and are now on fixed retirement incomes Windows 8.1 Update Manual Download. It’s double dipping.

The State of Minnesota needs to support their retired Union members


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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To all who served a heartfelt thank you!
Happy Veterans Day

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Recent assaults on CO’s in the news

November 4, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA


Being a Correctional Officer is a dangerous job worked out of sight and mind. Most assaults on CO’s never make the news.

Here’s a couple that have 자르개 다운로드.

Inmate Stabs Rikers Correction Officer 15 Times in ‘Callous’ Attack: Officials

This was an assault on a female CO-
DYS acknowledges error, says corrections officer was assaulted at youth prison

NYC correction officer attacked in Manhattan court holding cell; union says assault shows need to keep solitary confinement

Be safe driver!


Minneapolis 911 offering hiring incentives!

September 15, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Minneapolis 911 is offering a $1,000 hiring bonus to attract new 911 operators.

Details Here-

This is a MNPEA represented position Eclipse jdk! Those interested in applying can learn more HERE gpx.


Gov Desantis activates Natl Guard to assist CO’s

September 12, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

People's Mine
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Never Forget

September 11, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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It’s 9/11. Twenty One years ago our nation was attacked.
Thousands of citizens and many First Responders including 60 police officers and 343 Firefighters lost their lives that day Download the computer go game.

Never Forget!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

September 2, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a Happy Labor Day Weekend. A special thanks to our Correctional Officers and LEO’s who will be working the Holiday weekend keeping us safe foreign song mp3.

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Anoka County Detention Deputy shot

August 11, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is reporting:

We remember Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Detention Deputy Richard Legler 신의 한 수 다운로드. During the early morning hours on Saturday, August 9, 1986, Richard Legler and fellow Detention Deputy Anthony Hesch, were on their way to work at the Anoka County Jail 세계 국기 다운로드. An unknown dark colored compact car pulled alongside Detention Deputy Legler’s vehicle and a shot was fired. The shot fired from the fleeing car entered Detention Deputy Legler’s driver’s side window and struck him in the left arm 이클립스 스프링 다운로드. Deputy Legler struggled to pull the vehicle over to the right side of the road. The round struck his left arm just behind his uniform patch and ultimately pierced his left lung Midas.
The suspect was later found deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It is believed that the suspect may have seen the jail uniforms worn by Legler and Hesch, and seeing the uniformed men could have triggered the shooting as no other cars had been reported shot at that morning 리눅스 ftp 파일 다운로드.
At the time of his death, Detention Deputy Richard Legler was 38 years old and worked for the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office for approximately 3 years. He was survived by his parents, his sister, and brother-in-law.


Ramsey County Deputy found dead

August 3, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

Bring Me The News is reporting:

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office said one of its deputies was found dead inside his vehicle this week firefox 39 다운로드.

Deputy Dallas Edeburn was found dead inside his vehicle on Monday. According to the preliminary autopsy report, no signs of trauma nor injuries were found… 관전자 데이터를 다운로드.

According to the sheriff’s office, Edeburn was employed in Ramsey County since January 2017. He started as a correctional officer with the Ramsey County Correctional Facility in July 2015 음향 효과 다운로드. He had experience working in courts, patrol, training, and the Violent Crime Enforcement Team. Edeburn also was a “well respected” member of the SWAT team.

Our hearts go out to his family, friends and co-workers.



Oklahoma CO Killed On Duty

August 1, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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From MSN-“We are deeply saddened to report that a correctional officer at the Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville, Oklahoma, has died from an injury sustained after an attack by an inmate earlier today,” the Oklahoma Department of Corrections said in a press release downtown baby.

A group of inmates were being returned to their housing area from recreation when the officer was attacked by the inmate, the department said in the release


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Kim Potter Update – Liz Collin

July 12, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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On the latest episode of “Liz Collin Reports,” Liz spoke with a close friend and former colleague of Kim Potter who’s been tirelessly advocating for her release from prison 원피스 극장판 다운로드.

Take a listen and see the devastating effect the Dante Wright/Kim Potter trial has had on the Brooklyn Center PD and the potential hazards for all LEO’s Download 13 overloaded volumes.

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Off Duty CO shot (ok) while saving lives

July 8, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

NYPOST– Three people, including an off-duty correction officer, were shot during a party at a Queens motorcycle club on Sunday night….The off-duty CO, David Donegan, allegedly spotted another man, Mark Gibbs, whip out a gun and shoot at a vehicle, according to police sources 따끈따끈 베이커리 다운로드.

Donegan returned fire, striking Gibbs three times about the body. Another gunman then shot at Donegan and struck him once in the left leg, the sources told the Post… webtoon dockgo.COBA President Benny Boscio said the shooters had fired at the crowd, and Donegan, and his quick response to the gunfire saved the lives of others magic english deluxe.

See NY Post for Full Story


Happy Independence Day

July 1, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a Happy Independence Day.
Enjoy your 4th of July weekend.

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Felon on probation for gun possession kills 2 cops!

June 16, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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The city of El Monte, CA announced Corporal Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana were killed in the line of duty.

They were murdered by Justin William Flores who is accused of killing the two El Monte police officers Tuesday night windows7 iso images.

He had a previous strike conviction and received two years probation for a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

This is another example of people dying because criminals are not fully prosecuted for violating gun laws 대번 장 다운로드!

RIP heroes.



MN CO’s assaulted during escape attempt

June 11, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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According to WCCO, Pennington County CO’s were assaulted by Eric Reinbold during an escape attempt. Reinbold is in custody after stabbing his wife to death 해리포터 시리즈 다운로드. It all began during routine med rounds.

See WCCO link HERE for full story

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How to apply for Front Line Worker Pay

June 8, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Starting at 8:00 a.m. today, the application for Front Line Worker Pay will become live. You have until July 22 to apply 구글포토 사진 전체 다운로드! All employers are obligated to post the application at your work place, and assist in the application process. Visit the attached link for more information Ied tomorrow meet with you yesterday. Please contact our offices if you experience any difficulties or require assistance.
(MNPEA members only)


Happy Memorial Day

May 26, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend.
Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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National Police Week

May 14, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA is proud to honor our Law Enforcement professionals during National Police week. Whether you are wearing Blue or Brown the badge separates you from the rest 이리너 다운로드.

Being a law enforcement officer is a difficult and dangerous job, even more so in today’s political climate. We appreciate all of you who wear the badge and protect the rest of society 영화 카운트다운 다운로드.

Happy National Police Week.


Welcome Freeborn County Jail Programmers

May 13, 2022 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Welcome Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office Jail Programmers.
MNPEA looks forward to representing you.

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