National Correctional Officers Week

May 3, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

In 1984 President Reagan recognized the important work Correctional Officers perform and proclaimed National Correctional Officers Week. It’s just as true today as then for the brave men and women working law enforcement’s most dangerous beat 아두이노 펌웨어 다운로드.

Out of sight you have worked in a dangerous environment of long hours, holidays away from family and this past year the added danger of the Corona Virus that worked it’s way through Corrections staff 워크래프트 유즈맵 다운로드. As inmates were released to protect them from it, you remained at your posts.

MNPEA is forever grateful for your hard work and dedication keeping us safe 코렐드로우 다운로드.
Happy Correctional Officers Week!


More officers down

April 29, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Fox News is reporting-Two deputies in North Carolina have died from their injuries suffered during a more than 13-hour-long standoff at a home near Boone, Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman confirmed Thursday morning 하오의 연정 다운로드.

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Record number of police leaving

April 27, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

From The Blaze-More than 5,300 officers — or roughly 15% of the force — at the New York Police Department either retired or put in their papers to leave in 2020, the New York Post reported after reviewing department data window movie maker 2012.

In Seattle “the number of officers decreased from 1,247 to 1,203 in a single month.” – MSN

Police in Chicago are leaving at twice the normal rate and in Minneapolis, Alpha news is reporting, “The Minneapolis Police Department started 2021 with about 200 fewer police officers than it had at the beginning of last year Sif Hart.
The MPD kicked off the new year with 817 sworn officers, but with 155 out on leave, the number was down to 638 available and active officers.”

Unlike so many politicians and news outlets MNPEA stands with you Windows 10 pending downloads. We are there to protect your job, and with our legal plan, to protect you in the event of criminal charges or civil lawsuits. While other organizations are looking to drop their law enforcement members, MNPEA welcomes you.


Thank you Dispatchers

April 26, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Every April is NATIONAL PUBLIC SAFETY TELECOMMUNICATORS WEEK. Dispatchers/telecommunicators form an integral part of our public safety system. Dispatching police and fire, keeping people calm who are under terrible stress 테크라 다운로드. Giving life saving advice to callers, among a host of other details. They work 24/7, 365 days a year and every holiday. MNPEA solutes you.

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Oklahoma CO held hostage

March 28, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Yet another example of the dangers of working as a Correctional Officer. An Oklahoma CO was held hostage by inmates. Fortunately it ended well for the CO 디씨웨이브 다운로드. CO’s do walk the most dangerous beat. Unarmed and out of sight.

Fox News is reporting:
An Oklahoma City corrections officer was taken to a hospital Saturday after being held hostage on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Detention Center — with videos of the drama posted online movie into the woods.

That floor is known for housing the jail’s most difficult-to-manage inmates, The Oklahoman newspaper of Oklahoma City reported.


Correctional Officer killed in Iowa Prison

March 23, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

Fox News is reporting, “An inmate at Anamosa State Penitentiary in Iowa attacked staff in the prison infirmary Tuesday, killing one correctional officer and a nurse, officials said 눈코입 mp3 다운로드.

Security personnel responded to the attack shortly after 10 a.m. and restrained the inmate while staff attempted life-saving first aid on the injured Download Asone's Welcome. It’s unclear how many other staff members were hurt.”

Our hearts go out to the CO and the Nurse’s family. The name of the CO and Nurse have not been released 아이패드 프로 pdf 다운로드. We will update when known.

MNPEA stands with all of our hard working CO’s who work in dangerous conditions out of sight and mind from most of society Download Adobe Illustrator.


Officer Eric Talley

March 23, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA mourns the loss of Officer Eric Talley person icon. He gave his life protecting people at the mass shooting in Boulder Colorado at the Soopers grocery store.

RIP warrior.

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Happy National Law Enforcement Day

January 9, 2021 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA salutes our Law Enforcement members on this National Law Enforcement Day.
Thank you for putting on the uniform and doing the dangerous and necessary work, often with out thanks pcm file.

We salute you.

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Happy New Year 2021

December 31, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a happy, prosperous and safe New Year.

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Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas!

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FOP reporting 300 LEO’s shot in 2020!

December 3, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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The FOP is reporting that 300 Law Enforcement Officers have been shot in 2020! Be careful.


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Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.
We are thankful for your contributions to our society that make all of us safer.

You have our backs, and MNPEA has yours GOAL 3.

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Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service!

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Vote on Nov. 3rd!

November 1, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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November 3rd is election Day. As we all know 2020 has seen unprecedented attacks on Law Enforcement. LEO’s have seen not only a lack of backing by their employers, but calls to defund and prosecutions for doing their jobs Windows 7 Korean language pack!

MNPEA does not endorse candidates, but we encourage all of our members to vote, and to vote for those who have our backs. Elections have very real consequences Download Circuit Theory.


MNPEA condemns violence against law enforcement

September 13, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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The shooting of the 2 LA County Deputies is only the latest in a rash of violence against Law Enforcement officers and Corrections Officers.

MNPEA condemns all violence against Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers and believes those who commit such acts should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law xilinx ise 14.7 다운로드.

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Happy Labor Day

September 4, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA


MNPEA wishes all of you and your families a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend.

This is a day to honor American workers.

MNPEA appreciates all of the hard and often dangerous work you do Backup and sync downloads.
Thank you!

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Arrests of Rioters outside Hennepin County PSF

August 25, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

On the evening of 8/24/20 a large group gathered outside of the Hennepin County PSF. They became unruly, smashing windows and damaging property. 11 were arrested web directory.

We urge our Detention Deputy members to practice situational awareness both at, and traveling to and from work. MNPEA realizes these activists are often looking to file lawsuits star player. We remind you of MNPEA’s Legal Plan which protects you on and off duty should the need arise.

Below is a Press Release from the HCSO One the accused.

HCSO Deputies Arrest Demonstrators
Hennepin County sent this bulletin at 08/25/2020 01:55 AM CDT
Having trouble viewing this email 엽문외전 다운로드? View it as a Web page.

hennepin county sheriff
Press Release

Media Contact: Andy Skoogman, 612-919-5918

Deputies Arrest nearly a Dozen Demonstrators Outside the Adult Detention Center
August 25, 2020 (Minneapolis) – Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson said deputies arrested nearly a dozen people outside the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center in downtown Minneapolis after a demonstration turned destructive late last night and early this morning Lg tv smartshare download.

Sheriff Hutchinson said 11 individuals were arrested and are being held on probable cause riot, damage to property and unlawful assembly.

Demonstrators broke windows at the detention center and threatened to breach the security of the jail, the sheriff said 툼레이더 2018 한글자막 다운로드. One police officer suffered a broken hand during an altercation with demonstrators.

At one point, approximately 100 people were gathered outside the detention center. The crowd finally dispersed shortly after 1:00 am after deputies made the arrests. Demonstrators began gathering downtown earlier in the evening and marched through the streets of Minneapolis, stopping at a number of locations before ending up in front of the detention center.

“We fully support peaceful protests, but we can not – and will not – allow demonstrators to destroy property or jeopardize the safety and security of our inmates, our deputies and our jail,” Sheriff Hutchinson said.

Officers from Minneapolis Police and Metro Transit assisted deputies from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.


Look for more news on the Hennepin County Sheriff’s website at


MNPEA Update

August 19, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

It’s been a busy month since the 4th of July post. Numerous law enforcement officers have been shot, killed and assaulted. An off duty Corrections Officer was murdered in New York Aladdin epub download. Major cities have been defunding police departments and cutting officers. Criminals are being elevated to sainthood status and LEO’s villainized Download the Clash of Clangames.

These are trying times for us and it’s more important than ever to have good backing. MNPEA is here for you. We provide full legal protection and are available 24 hours my Santiago.

Also, we have never raised dues since our inception! Our money is spent on you, the members and solid legal backing.


Happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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Legislative Update

June 22, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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As many of you know there is a push to end the PELRA protections of Police officers, especially when it comes to discipline and dismissal. The Minnesota Legislature has adjourned without any new legislation regarding Law Enforcement trumpet mp3. Unfortunately we do not believe this issue is over. We have been in contact with our legislators. MNPEA supports all of your Due Process and PELRA rights windows apache 다운로드.

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When an employer walks away

June 11, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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So what happens when an employer in the Public Sector refuses to negotiate with it’s Union Employees??

Under MN State Law that is an Unfair Labor Practice 차용증 양식 다운로드. “(5) refusing to meet and negotiate in good faith with the exclusive representative of its employees in an appropriate unit;” 179A.13 UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES Sub 2(5)

Public Employees deemed essential cannot strike, however they can go to binding Arbitration 진한색 지도 다운로드.

Generally they go to the BMS for mediation and if the roadblock continues binding Arbitration.

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PERA Funds are doing well

June 9, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA


Many have been wondering how our pensions are doing with Corona and Civil unrest.
They are doing well!

Here’s PERA’s assessment:

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June 2, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA thanks all of our LEO’s, CO’s and 911 dispatchers for all of the dangerous hard work and long hours you are putting in. While you work for the public, remember we work for you and support only you Three downloads. You have our full backing and the full resources of the Fowler Law Firm or FOP for licensed.

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MNPEA has your back

May 27, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

Anyone watching the local news knows the tragedy that has unfolded. A man lost his life and four police officers were terminated.

The press and court of public opinion are against these officers coc 오토파밍. Yet the facts are not even in yet.

One of the main reasons MNPEA formed and has the Legal Plan we do is to protect our members.

You are entitled to due process and fair and vigorous representation earthworm-raising game.

It’s already dangerous enough to put the uniform on everyday without having to worry about being fairly defended if things go South.

MNPEA has your back 안녕이라고 말하지마 다운로드.


Happy Memorial Day

May 22, 2020 in MNPEA News by MNPEA

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MNPEA wishes all of you a Happy Memorial Day weekend.
We appreciate all of our essential members who are working this Holiday weekend.

Please take some time to remember those who gave their lives for our country Warcraft 1.

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